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ra’yoKa the DVD

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Fully optimize your time on the mat with Rainbeau Mars’  world-renowned fitness system, ra’yoKa.  A unique hybrid of martial arts  movement and core conditioning, this 52 minute ra’yoKa overview combines breath-centered yoga flow and therapeutics with occasional  explosive kicks and punches.   This innovative and integrative practice works to harmonize the body and mind, all while refining balance  muscles and increasing flexibility.

7 ra’yoKa Benefits:
  • Helps prevent injures
  • Stimulates fast and slow twitch muscles
  • Improves core strength, stability, balance, coordination and agility
  • Builds and releases energy
  • Balances hormones and emotions
  • Helps ease pain and relieve muscle tension
  • Improves reaction time, memory and focus
  • 3 language options, including Español (Spanish) and 普通話 (Mandarin)
  • 3 Audio tracks: Beginners/Instructional – Intermediate/contemplative  – Music Only*
  • 3 week program to rejuvenate and enhance your sport
  • Universal formatting
  • * Music composed by Alex Theory
28 Minutes of bonus features including:
  • Birth of ra’yoKa
  • Rainbeau’s Nutritional Tips
  • Never before seen video with music by Jillian Speer
  • Behind the scenes with Elevate Films