BeFit Yoga 10 Minute Daily Yoga Fix DVD
BeFit Yoga 10 Minute Daily Yoga Fix DVD

BeFit Yoga 10 Minute Daily Yoga Fix DVD

$ 14.95
Reshape and rejuvenate your body with the integrated power of yoga, breath and mindful movement, and experience unparalleled weight loss and wellness. In just 10 minutes a day, world-renowned yoga expert Rainbeau Mars leads a body transforming journey designed to strengthen, lengthen and beautify every body from beginner to advanced. Create the program that fits your lifestyle and goals, and reveal your most beautiful self.

Ra'yoKa AM Yoga (10 min.): Ignite your internal light and fat-burning potential with this morning series of fluid and focused yoga poses.
Ra'yoKa PM Yoga (10 min.): Release the day's stress with martial arts-inspired yoga moves that reshape the butt, legs, abs and arms.
Tantalizing Tummy (10 min.): Refine and define your core with intense, ab-focused yoga that target-tones a lean, sexy, fat-free midsection.
Bootylicious Buns & Lean Legs (10 min.): Turn heads with this fat-burning series of yoga movements that slim and shape the legs, hips, thighs and butt while improving balance.
Yoga Lean & Relax (10 min.): Renew your system with gentle, detoxifying poses to open your hips, massage your organs, and lengthen muscles.