Pure Beginner Video Download

Pure Beginner Video Download

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Sacred Yoga Practice with Rainbeau Mars - Vinyasa Flow: Beginners

Yoga can help reverse the aging process by improving flexibility, massaging the internal organs and glands, sending oxygen to all the body's tissues, and enhancing a state of serenity. Breathing deeply into certain postures affects the nervous and lymphatic systems. It helps relieve tight muscles, increases energy and circulation, improves strength, and promotes radiant skin. On a deeper level, it's a tool for observation. It brings us into the present so that we may fully receive what each moment has to offer and teach.

Join Rainbeau Mars and experience yoga in paradise on the breathtaking beaches of Maui. Vinyasa Flow: Beginners is easy-to-follow, flowing yoga postures to give you a foundation to begin your own yoga journey.

The body is like a recording device. Each time we hold our breaths, get angry, stressed or experience pain, it's recorded in the body. Vinyasa Flow: Beginners is a mind, body practice, focusing on the breath and peaceful meditation. Practice with Rainbeau regularly and you will feel powerful results, both physically and mentally.

This is truly the heart of yoga. Enjoy!


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